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A highly practical guide for budding artists who want to create their own extreme sci-fi worlds, we’ve got copies of Extreme Worlds: Drawing Sci-Fi Art to give away to three of our Twitter followers! For a chance to win, just follow CultBox on Twitter and tweet the following text: Follow @cultboxtv and RT for a … >

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‘Prometheus’ review

There are a lot of ideas and flourishes floating around in Prometheus – too many, in all honesty – and as a result the film lacks focus at times.

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Win ‘Sci-Fi Movie Freak’ books!

Out now, Sci-Fi Movie Freak is packed with the spine-tingling excitement and thrilling moments that have made sci-fi movies a beloved genre for those who want the Force to be with them. The book also includes a free DVD of classic low-budget B-movie Plan 9 From Outer Space. To celebrate, we’ve got copies of the … >

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CultBoxed: Week 3

‘You’re one of the conspiracy lot, aren’t you?’

Combining Sherlock and Doctor Who isn’t all that difficult, a cynic might say; Steven Moffat has already done it by having basically the same conclusions to Series 2 of the former and Series 6 of the latter.

But we’re not cynical, so we don’t believe that at all – and it’s our wide-eyed lack of cynicism which probably explains why we love the heartfelt, fannish devotion which has gone into the making of this Wholock trailer for ‘The Fall’….

‘I cannot tell you why my ship withstood the power of that gun unless you tell me the principles it was built on.’

How much time Babelcolour spends adding colour, frame by frame, to 1960s episodes of Doctor Who, we don’t even want to think about. All we want is for him to keep doing it, because the examples in this portfolio of clips are spellbinding.

Seeing William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton and the gang transported from monochrome mediocrity to glorious Technicolor isn’t a rarity on YouTube, but seeing it done this well certainly is.

‘The hobbits, the hobbits, the hobbits, the hobbits …’

At one time, this was – in a deliberately cheap and tacky way – the funniest thing the internet ever invented. If, by some miracle, you haven’t seen it yet, then approach with caution. You will never be able to watch The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers in the same way again.


The trailer for Prometheus – Ridley Scott’s Alien-prequel-that-isn’t-actually-an-Alien-prequel-but-it’s-set-in-the-same-universe-and-yeah-it’s-about-the-creatures-that-left-the-big-ship-in-Alien-but-there’s-no-Ripley-stop-asking-me-about-Alien-for-God’s-sake – is one of the most intriguing of the teasers for this year’s movie blockbusters.

How can it be improved? By adding a much-loved cartoon figure, of course. It’s like eating ham and custard creams at the same time: it shouldn’t work but it does.

‘Oh my God, I don’t think I can go on. This is so emotional that I’m getting a stalk-on.’

At the tail-end of the 1990s, Tom Baker was trying to record the voiceover for a radio commercial for a furniture company. Struggling against a dismal script about ‘the passion of retail’ the former Doctor Who star begins to ramble, swear and be generally about a million times more entertaining than the advert could ever have hoped to be.

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