‘Skins Fire’: Part 2 review

If last week’s Series 7 opener seemed a little slow to Skins fans, it certainly picked up the pace in the second part of Effy’s two-parter, Skins Fire. Right from the off we see a strangely relaxed Effy; the most human, flawed, approachable we’ve ever seen her, so we know something’s going to go horribly wrong.

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Top 6 British TV detectives

The UK’s recent hankering for a down-to-earth but idiosyncratic television detective is rooted deeply in our love for Scandinavian mystery dramas, or ‘Nordic noir’ as it is now dubbed. Some of these sleuths have been on our tellies far longer than others but each are all quintessentially British from the tea-sipping Miss Marple to the heavily patriotic Christopher Foyle.

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