The Gentlemen – new teaser trailer for Guy Ritchie’s Netflix series

The Netflix series of The Gentlemen offers another slice of the world seen in Ritchie’s 2020 movie of the same name.  Director Guy Ritchie loves his gangsters, doesn’t he? While he usually operates on the big screen, the director has pivoted towards streaming for his latest project. Partnering with Netflix, he’s serving up an eight-part … >

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5 of the best Steven Seagal movies

Steven Seagal’s long movie career stretches over several decades, in which he has played numerous iconic roles which showcased his bad-assery as well as his formidable martial arts skills. Seagal’s characters all have in common a fierce determination to defy all odds and depend on their own wits and abilities to get out of the … >

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‘The Musketeers’ Episode 8: ‘The Challenge’ review

Oh dear. The Musketeers had been carving out an enjoyably undemanding, handsome if predictable storytelling niche for itself. Tonight’s episode was not redeemed simply by there being attractive people and well-shot sword fights in it. As the Musketeers escort a violent prisoner, the Cardinal’s Red Guards intercept them. This leads to a falling out between … >

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