Watch a truly EPIC cover of the ‘Doctor Who’ theme

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The word ‘epic’ is thrown around a lot online, but sometimes it is actually justified.

The folks at PiscesRising on YouTube have produced what must surely the most epic interpretation of Australian composer Ron Grainer’s Doctor Who theme ever.

Watch the video…

In case you were wondering, the lyrics are “a mix of Sanskrit, faux Latin and various Doctor Who planets/references”:

“Korah, Sanctus, Rama, Hedor
Corvus, Vidi, Critus, Rahtamah
Korah, Tovus, Skaro, Gallefrey,
Vortis, Yegros, Tus.

“Ah ah ahhhh!

“Rama! Sactus! Toro! Meetha!
Ka, Tu, Masanctus
Ka, Ro, Masanctus
Korani, Tanus, Gallefrey
Tardis To Korah Sa La To Who Sha La Nus!”

Do check out their other covers of the themes from Game of Thrones, Daredevil and The Walking Dead.