‘You didn’t have your eyes covered with an air-filter that smelt like Patrick Stewart’s balls, did you?’

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Even if you’re not a fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation – or, perhaps, particularly if you’re not – you have to admire the lengths to which the cast of the show have gone to lampoon their former characters, send up the pompousness of the franchise, and generally make tits of themselves in the years since the series ceased broadcasting.

Patrick Stewart, as we know, has positively revelled in sending himself up – Extras and American Dad are just two fine examples – and recently, Brent Spiner has followed him down the path to knowing self-mockery.

Fresh Hell is a Curb Your Enthusiasm-styled series of webisodes following Spiner’s life as a struggling actor; in this instalment, he hooks up with former co-star LeVar Burton to try and squeeze a few benjamins out of him…