Star Trek Voyager a celebration

Jeri Ryan explores Seven of Nine in Star Trek Voyager: A Celebration

Star Trek Voyager: A Celebration, a new book from Hero Collector marks twenty-five years since the show first appeared on our screens and the official Star Trek site has an extensive excerpt available online. Who better to help understand one of the show’s key characters, than Seven of Nine actress Jeri Ryan? In the excerpt … >

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Star Trek: Discovery - David Cronenberg as Kovich

Die Trying – Star Trek: Discovery S3, Ep 5 review

Die Trying. Star Trek: Discovery has an ability to burn though plot at a remarkable rate. After finding the location, we imagined a journey to the new heart of the Federation might consume a few weeks. Instead, Discovery arrived at the new covert Starfleet Headquarters before this episode’s opening credits. Once the thrill subsided, the … >

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Star Trek Discovery 3.4 Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not — Star Trek Discovery: S3, Ep 4 review

Forget Me Not takes a necessary detour on Discovery‘s journey to find Starfleet. In many ways it’s a consideration of identity played out on two levels; it’s also a rather beautiful, if inward looking, episode. First let’s talk about beauty. Many times while watching Star Trek (both Discovery and Picard) we’ve stopped to admire the fabulous cinematography … >

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Whoopi Goldberg asked to play an American Doctor Who

Whoopi Goldberg spoke to to David Tennant, who played the tenth Doctor on Doctor Who, during the second episode of his new podcast. During the podcast, she revealed that she pitched the idea of an American version of Doctor Who with herself as the lead. “I don’t know if I told you this last time, how … >

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