12 actors from ‘Doctor Who’ who’ve appeared in the Marvel universe

Karen Gillan recently finished filming her return as Nebula in the second Guardians of the Galaxy movie, out in cinemas next summer, but she’s far from being the only Doctor Who star in the Marvel universe.

Here we take a look at the Doctor Who actors who’ve appeared in Marvel adaptations…


Christopher Eccleston as Malekith in Thor: The Dark World and as the Ninth Doctor

DW Marvel CE


Jenna Coleman as Connie in Captain America: The First Avenger and as companion Clara Oswald

DW Marvel Jenna


Toby Jones as Dr. Arnim Zola in Captain America: The First Avenger/Captain America: The Winter Soldier and as the Dream Lord in ‘Amy’s Choice’

DW Marvel Toby


Laurence Belcher as young Charles Xavier in X-Men: First Class and as young Kazran in ‘A Christmas Carol’



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  • Diana T.

    You forgot Andrew Garfield!! He was Frank in the ‘Daleks in Manhatten’ Doctor Who episode back in 2007 and now he’s Spider Man!!

    • Rafael

      Ummm. he’s there…

      • Victoria

        I think they may have added him in after the person posted this.

        • Joe

          Sounds like someone either isn’t paying attention, or they’re trolling.

          • Victoria

            Apparently they actually are adding them in after the people post more. The person should have done more research before posting an article.

          • CultBox

            I was just doing the Marvel studio’s own movies originally (hence no X-Men or Spider-Man), but then figured I’d add them in as people had brought them up 🙂

    • CultBox

      Now added, thanks!

  • Designadrug

    Don’t forget David Bradley also played William Hartnell playing the first Doctor in Adventures in Space and Time!

    • Cultboxthrowaway

      Oh yes I remember that brilliant MARVEL FILM

      • Dogma

        You realize David Bradley is already mentioned up top? So he played the Tower Keeper in the marvel films, but had a role in the official Doctor Who series, as well as portraying Hartnell is the biopic.

        Stop being an asshole.

  • Gabriel

    Ahem…let’s not forget the legendary Sir Ian McKellen, as Magneto and the voice of the Snowmen!

    • Brian Biedugnis

      He’s listed

      • Joe

        Sounds like someone either isn’t paying attention, or is trolling.

    • CultBox

      Now added – thanks!

  • Keb

    Also Felicity Jones who played Felicia in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 and the unicorn in the Doctor Who ep the unicorn and the wasp.

  • Gregg Barnes

    Who knew some actors could appear in two different things!

  • Lauren

    Don’t forget Miss Evangelista “Silence in the Library” who was in Thor 2.

    • AyeAmy

      Who did she play in thor 2?

      • Aaron Brookes

        She plays a nurse in Thor 2, her names Talulah Riley.

  • Humberto Adan Herrera Cosio

    The man who played Vincent Van Gogh also appears in Thor The Dark World, his Bor, from the prologue.

    • Colin Watley

      Tony Curran.

      • neurowing

        Laurence Belcher from a Christmas Carol plays the young professor X in FC and DoFP.

  • Colin Watley

    Josh Dallas (currently in the US series ‘Once Upon a Time’) was Node 2 in ‘Silence in the Library’ and Fandral in ‘Thor’.

    • CultBox

      Awesome, totally adding that one in!

    • I never even realized this, and I even just recently re-watched Silence in the Library! Good catch!

  • David Grant

    they forgot Tony Curran (Vincent from Vincent and the Doctor) appeared as Bor in Thor: The Dark World

    • Theta Sigma

      Do you even read?C’mon!

    • Theta Sigma

      My appologies! I just read (oh, the irony) that CB is adding them after people post in comments. So, you deserve thanx, and not scolding.

  • Lee James Gannon

    She may not have appeared in Doctor Who on screen screen Captain America / Agent Carter Hayley Atwell actress has appeared in 4 Big Finish audios.

  • James Grayh

    They chopped Fandral’s face off?!??!

  • Scott Armstrong

    Tony Curran played Van Gogh on Doctor Who was also in First Class.

  • Tomuo

    Richard E. Grant was great intelligence

    • Tomuo

      ah I’m a fool the voice of rather than the physical actor.

  • Guest

    Felicity Jones
    Doctor Who – Robina Redmond in “The Unicorn and the Wasp”
    Marvel – Felicia in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

  • Jotunheimm

    Oh my god Josh Dallas

  • McGregorsWench

    well, it hasn’t filmed yet, but they have announced that David Tennant will be Kilgrave in “Marvel’s A.K.A. Jessica Jones.”

  • Katie Sobolik

    Superman isn’t a marvel character he’s a DC character

    • Simon Batchelor

      Superman isn’t on the list

  • Marc

    Tony Curran also played the vampire called Priest in Blade II.

  • The Grey Ghost

    Christopher Fairbank in Guardians of the Galaxy and Flatline.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    Stop being fucking nerds Dr Who is By far the Gayest bullshit i have ever seen

    • You need to get out more. And if you could stop swearing that would be good.

    • CaraFox

      And you need to gtfo of here, pathetic troll.

  • alex

    Umm, Christopher Fairbank, guys? The broker in guardians of the galaxy and that old miser fenton in flatline?

  • Lee James Gannon

    Benedict Cumberbatch who will play Doctor Strange played Howard Carter in the Doctor Who audio Forty-Five,

  • Steve McMullan

    Christine Adams played “Cathica” in “The Long Game”, and went on to appear as “Agent Weaver” in 9 episodes of “Agents of SHIELD”.

  • manthei

    there is also Benedict Cumberbatch who is now Doctor Strange and played Howard Carter in the Doctor Who 45th Anniversary Special