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Videos: ‘Doctor Who’ stars doing American accents

With several former Doctor Who actors heading stateside this year, we decided to gather together clips of their various American accents…   Karen Gillan From the producer of Paranormal Activity and Insidious, Oculus is a new horror movie starring Karen Gillan and arrives in UK cinemas on Friday 13 June.   John Simm John Simm stars...

‘In the Flesh’ video: Series 1’s unanswered questions

In The Flesh writer Dominic Mitchell discusses the show’s unanswered questions from Series 1 in a BBC video interview. Returning for a second series next month, BBC Three’s drama tells the story of zombie teenager Kieren Walker (Luke Newberry) and his reintegration back into both the local community and the heart of his family. Watch...

5 classic ‘Doctor Who’ special effects (with clips)

It’s become a bit of a cliché to talk about wobbly sets and dodgy effects when referring to the classic era of Doctor Who – and there’s nothing else more likely to get your diehard fan riled up. So here, for your applause and general amazement are our Top 5 special effects in the classic series.