Minnie The Minx is getting a live-action TV show

Minnie The Minx is getting her first live-action TV series, we’ve learned today, with a comedy/drama series aimed at 8 to 12 year-olds being announced.

Minnie first debuted in the Beano comic books way back in 1953, and her full name is Hermione Makepeace. She is the third-longest-running Beano character, behind her Dennis The Menace and Rodger The Dodger.

We’ve seen the character of Minnie adapted in videos, video games and even the now-closed Beano Land segment of Chessington World Of Adventures before, but this will be the first time she’s led her own TV series.

Deadline broke the news regarding this intriguing live-action show, which is entitled The Magnificent Misadventures Of Minnie. The publication shared this short description of the plot:

“It will feature the rebellious 13-year old heroine, a budding comic book artist herself, who together with her best friends Becky and Same tackle the trudgery of school and leave a trail of chaos in their wake.”

Beano Studios and Lime Pictures are working together on this project, with Julie Bower (CBBC’s So Awkward) and Danielle Ward (Danger Mouse) collaborating on the scripts.

Kate Little of Lime Pictures – who will work behind the scenes on the project with her colleague Tim Compton, as well as Michelle Ford and Chris Rose from Beano Studios – said this about the series:

“Minnie the Minx is the quintessential girl who climbs trees and has been busy entertaining generations of children since her very first appearance in the 1950’s. Minnie’s embodiment of girl power remains so relevant to today’s young audiences: we are thrilled to be working with Beano Studios to bring one of their best loved characters and all her rebellious antics to life on screen for a fresh generation of minxes everywhere.”

We don’t yet know where the Minnie series will air. Beano Studios’ last production, the animated Dennis & Gnasher: Unleashed! series, was on CBBC. But Lime Pictures has previous form with Netflix, having housed the teen drama Free Rein on the iconic streaming service.

We also don’t have a release date or a cast list, as of yet, but we’ll keep you updated as more details come to light.


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