‘Spooks’ writers: ‘Not the end of the road’ for Harry and Ruth

The lead writers of Spooks have hinted at the future of the relationship between Harry and Ruth in the BBC One spy drama, telling fans of that they “want them to get together”.

The characters, played by Peter Firth and Nicola Walker, have skirted around romantic involvement with each other since Ruth joined the team in Series 2.

Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley, who wrote five episodes of last year’s Series 9 and are currently working on Series 10, told CultBox: “As fans of the characters and the two ace actors who play them, we want them to get together too!”

They continued: “But as writers, we can’t judge it by those standards… we have to work with the team to find the best and most truthful story. Stay tuned, it’s not the end of the road for them yet, not by a long shot.”

Spooks will return for a tenth series this Autumn.