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Doctor Who Series 12: a few requests

More Worthy Opponents With the exception of the Dalek in Resolution, the villains and monsters so far for this current run have been disappointing. Returning favorite villains and monsters aren’t necessarily the answer. Truly ruthless and cunning opponents are needed, not the Series 11 rogues’ gallery of cheating, vague, weak or pathetic villains and blandly-reformed...

Les Dennis plays a psychic in new dark comedy movie

Former Family Fortunes presenter and Coronation Street alum Les Dennis will take on the role of a washed-up psychic in a new dark comedy movie, which is going by the title Sideshow. We’ve got all the info on this barmy-sounding project right here.

Stath Lets Flats renewed for series 2

Channel 4 has ordered a second series of Stath Lets Flats, the sitcom created by and starring Jamie Demetriou, which will resultantly return for six more episodes later this year. We’ve got the skinny for you here…

Netflix: US prices rising, but the UK is safe for now

Netflix is putting its prices up for American users, but British subscribers to the streaming service seem to be safe for the time being. Read on to find out everything we know about this price change, and why the UK isn’t yet being subjected to it.

Doctor Who Series 11: new trailer for DVD release

A new trailer was released for Doctor Who Series 11 to promote the Series 11 DVD. The trailer contains Series 11 scenes not shown in the original Series 11 trailer. Doctor Who Series 11 is available on DVD, Blu-ray and Steelbook (Amazon exclusive) from Amazon, HMV and Zoom.