Best Film Reviews Of 2016 And Ways To Make Them Better

Do you consider yourself to be a film enthusiast?

If so, you will agree that 2016 has been an excellent year for the film industry. This year saw the return of one of the greatest movie series of all time. That film, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, has hit a homerun at the box office and it isn’t the only movie that knocked it out of the park during 2016.

Below, you will discover a breakdown of the best films of the last year…


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

As mentioned above, Rogue One has been a block buster winner. The film has already made over 600 million dollars worldwide. The movie has also scored well with critics and fans throughout the world. The film scored approximately 85% on Rotten Tomatoes. Despite a few negative comments from a select number of critics, the newest addition to the Star Wars franchise has proven to be winner. And of course, watching the movie is a must for any true Star Wars fan. To experience the movie in the best possible way, it needs to be viewed in the theater!

The big screen experience is perfect for the film’s stunning effects and beautiful scenery. Be sure to get your ticket, before it is too late!


Finding Dory

Finding Dory might be written for young children, but it is truly suitable for all age groups. This is clearly evident thanks to the movie’s enormous worldwide revenue. In fact, the movie remains one of the most profitable of 2016. The animated film spans over a duration of 97 minutes and stars Ellen DeGeneres, Ed O’Neill, and Ty Burrell. The film is no longer available in most theaters, so you’ll need to catch it at home. To give your children the most exciting experience, you will want to invest in one of the best stereo receivers and a wide-screen television.

This is truly the best way to watch the film at this point in time!



Everyone would freak out, if flying orbs overtook the Earth. It would only be natural to want to run for cover, but where would you go? Arrival has been rated very highly by moviegoers and critics. In the movie, a theoretical physicist and linguistics expert were determined to find out why aliens inhabited the atmosphere. They went so far as to study their unique language, even though they knew the research would be very dangerous.

If you are interested in watching Arrival, be sure to schedule a movie night, filled with popcorn and entertainment.


Captain America: Civil War

Captain America fans would walk miles to watch the Marvel comic-book characters in action. Iron Man and Captain America have been allies for a long time, but a political interference stirs up strive, causing the Avengers to become divided. The Avengers never fail to please fans and this movie definitely adds significance to the collection of Marvel comics’ films.

Captain America: Civil War is now off theaters, so you can pick up a DVD, before heading home to watch it with your family.