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‘The Apprentice’: Series 7 Episode 4 review

Finger tricks, backstabbing and in-fighting. It’s time for… The Apprentice! After a ridiculously long flashback of the series so far, tonight’s episode starts with the traditional phone call from Lord Sugar’s secretary. (Seriously, does that woman never sleep?) This week, the candidates are sent to meet Lord Sugar at the British Museum. Why? Well, we’ll … >

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‘Psychoville’: Series 2 Episode 3 review

Three episodes into Series 2 and Psyschoville shows absolutely no sign of slowing down, with a healthy lack of respect for its own cast of characters, meaning that anybody runs the risk of being bumped off to further the story along.

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‘Psychoville’: Series 2 Episode 2 review

Now that it’s been firmly established that more people than you might have expected survived the events at the end of Series 1, things are settling into the routine (well, as routine as it ever gets around here) of ensuring that this time round, no-one is safe from a grisly dispatch.

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‘Stainless Steel And The Star Spies’ DVD review

There’s no easy way to describe this one-off 1981 kids show, starring what look like distant relations of the Smash family from the series of ‘70s adverts. It’s certainly very odd, occasionally very witty, and probably better enjoyed by immature grown-ups than any of the kids that it’s aimed at.

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