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‘Merlin’: Series 3 Episode 6 review

In this week’s Merlin installment, ‘The Changeling’, Arthur finds that duty and true feelings may not necessarily be compatible in a country where warring kingdoms bring dangers and alliances must be strengthened by any means possible.

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‘Sherlock’: ‘A Study In Pink’ review

So, Sherlock Holmes is alive and well, working in the 21st century, helping out the police with their enquires, equipped with mobile phones, computers and Google Maps. No, wait, come back: it’s better than that – much better. Traditionally, when there’s been this sort of twist on the Most Famous Detective In The World™, it’s … >

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‘Doctor Who’: ‘The Lodger’ review

Wanted: new man to replace the previous, uh, Tennant. GSOH, travellers welcome. Good sense of timing essential. Room may be bigger on the inside. Series 5, so far, has seemed a lot quieter and more cosy than the rest of nu-Who that has preceded it. While there’s been Something Very Important hinted at on the … >

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