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‘Prime Suspect: 1973’ finale review: Episode 6 gives the crime drama a good send-off

Having been a little underwhelming in recent weeks, this week’s Prime Suspect 1973 finale thankfully gives the show a good send-off. We pick up where we left off, reprising last week’s explosive climax to the accompaniment of Tubular Bells; and where we might have anticipated drawn out scenes of bedside vigils, to the beep-beep accompaniment … >

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‘Prime Suspect: 1973’ review: Episode 4 is efficient but unexciting

There’s an early episode of The Simpsons where, with the plot seemingly resolved partway through the episode the family gathers on the sofa. “Everything really wrapped up nicely,” declares Homer with satisfaction; “And much quicker than usual” he adds, with a post-modern awareness of how TV works. I mention this only because it’s how I … >

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