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‘Coriolanus’ play review

One of the less popular of Shakespeare’s tragedies, it’s a rare treat to see a stage production of Coriolanus.

One of the main reasons it’s not in as popular as Macbeth, King Lear and Hamlet is audiences find Coriolanus impenetrable. Reflective moments are few and far between amidst scenes of blood and thunder and political intrigue. There is little in terms of soliloquies, which are hallmarks of his greatest plays.

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‘Filth’ movie review

Sometimes an actor gives a performance so strong, it defines their career. Think Russell Crowe in Gladiator or Colin Firth in The King’s Speech. Filth will no doubt be a defining moment in James McAvoy’s career.

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‘Gambit’ review

Thankfully at a running time of just 89 minutes, it’s breezy enough for fans of Colin Firth’s legs or Alan Rickman’s general nakedness.

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‘Fast Girls’ movie review

Already nicknamed ‘Sprint it like Beckham’ in some quarters, this is one British feel-good film we can all rally around even if we don’t do well in the Olympics this summer.

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‘The Raid’ review

A Welshman directing a foreign language Die Hard in Indonesia… really? This is the question most people will be asking before watching this film.

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