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Top 5 episodes of ‘Spaced’

‘The Phantom Menace was eighteen months ago, Tim.’ How time flies… Premiering on Channel 4 in 1999, Spaced brought nerdery into the light and sparked its own army of decade-spanning hardcore fans. Amongst them Quentin Tarantino. Ooh. Get them. Nearly eighteen years since the Spaced title graphic first whooshed onto our screens, here are CultBox’s … >

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‘Prey’ Episode 3 review

A stylish and shocking final episode simultaneously provides a constant ‘end of days’ theme as well as keeping the punishing pace of Prey‘s opening two instalments, juggling dual storylines more than admirably. Although things got a tad complicated at times, it’s a necessary evil as the stunning third act is allowed due deference to breathe … >

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‘Prey’ Episode 2 review

Prey’s second instalment keeps the pace, giving us the rounded, invigorating and brilliant result of emotional whiplash in the course of an hour. Chris Lunt’s credentials as a solid TV writer more than adept at unpredictable, heart in mouth crime drama is surely not in question and he plots out this episode as thoroughly as … >

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‘Prey’ Episode 1 review

John Simm leads ITV’s new three-part crime drama thriller Prey, but is it just another dive into the well-chartered choppy waters of Good Cop Gone Bad? The answer is a resounding ‘No’ and the question “Is anyone here troubled?” is answered, “Who isn’t!” It’s elegantly handled, and though this is writer Chris Lunt’s first foray … >

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