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HG Wells The Time Machine (audio) review

With September’s release of The Time Machine, the Big Finish range of HG Wells audios hits the home straight with this two-disc adaption by Marc Platt of this classic story. Starring Ben Miles (The Crown) in the role of the nameless Time Traveller, it’s a very faithful telling of the original text, and worthy of … >

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Doctor Who Subterranea review

After last month’s ghostly goings on at Malkin Place, the fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) and Romana (Lalla Ward) are back in space on a new planet, and in Jonathan Morris’s Subterranea, they are actually inside the planet’s crust. Packed with imagination, Jonathan Morris paints a world where the human inhabitants live inside so-called Drill-towns, desperate … >

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Blake’s 7: Spoils of War review

After being unavoidably delayed, Blake’s 7 is back in a new set of full-cast stories set in the timeline of season 3 of the original TV show. It’s a new production team with John Ainsworth taking over production, script editing and directing duties and a recasting for the character of Dayna Mellanby, now played by … >

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Classic Doctors New Monsters Big Finish

Doctor Who: Classic Doctors, New Monsters Volume 2 review

In their second set of stories blending so-called classic Doctors with new series monsters, Big Finish has mixed things up to an extent. There are still four stories, but a slight change to the set of Doctors, and one monster appearing twice. First up John Dorney brings us Night of the Vashta Nerada, bringing the … >

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Doctor Who Flashpoint

Doctor Who: Flashpoint review

The latest Doctor Who Short Trips from Big Finish sees the welcome return of Sheridan Smith as Lucie Miller, reading Andrew Smith’s short story Flashpoint. It’s a clever story with a clever title – not just a crisis point, but also a good description of an alien world Cerberin, famous for its violent storms, visible … >

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The Movellan Grave

Doctor Who: The Movellan Grave review (Big Finish Audio)

In The Movellan Grave, writer Andrew Smith makes light work of fitting an entire four-part 1970s style story into a single disc release for the Big Finish Fourth Doctor Adventures range. Starring Tom Baker as the fourth Doctor, and Lalla Ward as the second Romana, this time our heroes are up against the Movellans. If … >

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Torchwood Cascade

Torchwood: Cascade review

Internet piracy comes with consequences in the new Torchwood adventure. Here’s our review… Scott Handcock, regular director of the Big Finish Torchwood range wrote the latest release, Cascade, or to give it its full name, Torchwood_Cascade_Rip.tor. It’s another tale for Naoko Mori, reprising Toshiko Santo and takes its title from the murky world of internet … >

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