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Blake’s 7: Crossfire Part 2 review

Set during the third TV season of Blake’s 7, Crossfire Part 2 continues the story of the Liberator crew’s involvement in the Federation’s civil war, with Servalan (Jacqueline Pearce) usurping the previous President (Hugh Fraser). Across four stories, Avon (Paul Darrow), Vila (Michael Keating), Cally (Jan Chappell), Tarrant (Steve Pacey), Dayna (Yasmin Bannerman) and of … >

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Doctor Who: The First Doctor Adventures Volume 1 review

Big Finish has a first-class reputation as a purveyor of high-quality audio drama, recreating classic shows and in the case of Doctor Who finding new opportunities for actors to return to roles fans love. The need to match the feel and sound of the originals has meant very little recasting over the years, and only … >

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Doctor Who: Wreck of the World review

Bristol based writer / composer Timothy X Atack (who just won the biennial Bruntwood prize, Europe’s biggest playwriting prize, with Heartworn), makes his Big Finish debut with the Early Adventures story The Wreck of the World. It’s a big screen outing for the second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe, with plenty of atmosphere, a dark presence … >

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UNIT Encounters review

After the high-octane widescreen epic that was the previous set UNIT: Extinction, it’s a change of pace for UNIT: Encounters. We have four stories exploring various facets of the UNIT world, with some good exploration of both Kate Stewart (Jemma Redgrave) and Osgood (Ingrid Oliver). While there’s no big enemy looming large, there is something … >

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Survivors series 7 review

With this seventh boxset in their Survivors range, Big Finish reaches an important milestone – the audio dramas have now covered the whole of the timeline of the television series from the 1970s. This release marks this by giving us a set of powerful stories for the three key characters (Abby, Jenny and Greg) as … >

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Doctor Who Short Trips: The Ingenious Gentleman Adric Of Alzarius review

The Doctor Who Short Trips range continues with Matthew Waterhouse narrating The Ingenious Gentleman Adric Of Alzarius, a fifth Doctor, Adric (of course), Nyssa and Tegan story. As the synopsis hints, writer Julian Richards takes Adric to a mythic landscape, where there be giants (or perhaps windmills), an evil enchanter, a hero in the form … >

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