5 of our favourite good time Vegas boys

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Las Vegas; a place where anything is possible and your secrets will stay buried deep in the desert sand!

Here we pick our favourite Vegas-bound boys for a roundup of the top Casino hopping crumpet…


Robert De Niro as Ace Rothstein in Casino (1995)


Who can resist a man in a suit? Especially one who is rolling in money and likes to spend it on his lady.

We all have a little soft spot for Ace who falls for the ill-fated Ginger and rapidly has his heart broken.


Bradley Cooper as Phil in The Hangover (2009)

The Hangover

Vegas, the world’s stag-do capital was made even more famous by the Hangover films.

Bradley Cooper lures us in with his good looks and well-dressed appearance only to later reveal that he is a badly behaved as the rest of the stags.


Johnny Deep as Raoul Duke in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998)

Johnny plays Raoul, a quirky journo’ who travels with his lawyer to Las Vegas to experience some eye-opening escapades. Raoul’s style of dress, along with the film’s incredible cinematography make this a renowned hit.


Christian Slater as Robert Boyd in Very Bad Things (1998)

Singleton Robert is out for a great time on his mate Kyle’s bachelor party. Things go from bad to worse after a mishap in the hotel, and we see Boyd’s dark side start to come out.


Sean Connery as James Bond in Diamonds are Forever (1971)

Diamonds Are Forever James bond

Who doesn’t like a Bond actor? Connery’s final official Bond adventure saw the super-spy head to Vegas to tackle Blofeld, lasers, diamonds and white cats.