‘Doctor Who’ pics gallery: River Song’s best costumes

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Since her first Doctor Who appearance in 2008’s ‘Silence in the Library’, River Song has had more costume changes than… well, certainly more than Adric.

Cosplayers, prepare yourselves as we travel back in time through some of Alex Kingston’s best outfits on the show (in no particular order).

Like River Song said on the dance floor: you might want to find something to hang on to…


Doctor Who River Song Pandorica Opens Cleopatra

(from ‘The Pandorica Opens’)


Doctor Who River Song Forest of the Dead

(from ‘Silence in the Library’)


Doctor Who River Song Rain Gods

(from DVD minisode ‘Rain Gods’)


Doctor Who Wedding of River Song

(from ‘The Wedding of River Song’)


Doctor Who River Song Lets Kill Hitler

(from ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’)


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