20 actors from ‘Star Wars’ who’ve appeared in ‘Doctor Who’

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Here we take a look at some of the actors who’ve appeared in both the Star Wars universe and Doctor Who

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Hugh Quarshie as Captain Panaka in Episode I and as Solomon in ‘Evolution of the Daleks’ and ‘Daleks in Manhattan’

DW SW Hugh


Celia Imrie as Dineé Ellberger (Bravo Five) in Episode I and as Miss Kizlet in ‘The Bells of Saint John’

DW SW Celia


Warwick Davis in Episode I (plus Wicket W. Warrick in Episode VI) and as Porridge in ‘Nightmare in Silver’

DW SW Warwick


Leslie Schofield as Chief Moradmin Bast in Episode I and as Calib in ‘The Face Of Evil’



Jeremy Bulloch as Boba Fett and Hal the Archer in ‘The Time Warrior’



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