Top 5 ‘Dexter’ villains

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With the sixth season of Dexter kicking off in the UK at 10pm on Friday 30th March on FX, it’s time to look back at the ghosts of villains past.

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We’ve watched them clash with Dexter, cheering as they became glass slides. Now let’s take a moment to remember these forgotten foes…

5: Stan Liddy (Peter Weller)

“You fuck with the bull, you get the horn.”

Slimy and sarcastic disgraced cop Liddy was the character that we loved to loathe! Originally hired by Quinn, he went maverick as things started getting juicy. Liddy managed the impossible; to get Dexter on the ropes. Prospects looked bleak, but Dexter put him out of our misery.

4: Jordan Chase (Jonny Lee Miller)

“Tick, tick, tick, that’s the sound of your life running out.”

Sociopathic self-help guru Jordan Chase had everyone believing he was an upstanding citizen. Except Dexter. The leader of a savage rape-and-murder group, Chase bizarrely only watched the abuse. Together with would-be victim Lumen, perfectly portrayed by Julia Styles, Dexter planned to kill the vicious voyeur.

Though not killed by Dexter, Jordan deserves to be here as Chase kept Dexter on his toes and managed to make our favourite killer fear he’d loose another loved one. Sadly it was killing Jordan that caused him to lose Lumen after all.

3: Lila Tournay (Jaime Murray)

“We could have had it all, Dexter.”

Seductive pyromaniac Lila caused Dexter to fall under her spell as he tried to give up his addiction to killing. Though originally a relationship based upon healing, it became clear that the woman was manipulative and highly dangerous.

Dexter called off the relationship, sparking a huge scale obsession and leading to the explosive murder of regular character Doakes. She could have been one of the only characters to escape had Dexter not tracked her to France and put her down.

2: Brian Moser (Christian Camargo)

“You can’t be a killer and a hero, it doesn’t work that way!”

Where would a list of the best villains be without the Ice Truck killer? He turned Dexter’s life into a cat-and-mouse game of Barbies and bloodshed, revealing Dexter’s traumatic past.

The shock twist that our killer was Dexter’s estranged brother the whole time had viewers stunned, while the abduction of Dexter’s own sister left him with a horrific decision. Though long dead, Brian still remains a huge presence in the Morgan siblings’ minds.

1: Arthur Mitchell (John Lithgow)

“Hello, Dexter Morgan.”

There’s no competition, really. Our top villain is the incomparable conundrum of carnage, Arthur “Trinity” Mitchell.

Leaving a massive 30 year trail of death in his wake, Trinity proved more than a match for Dexter, the only serial killer to get the jump on our hero. Literally striding up to Dexter while at work, Mitchell left Dexter with only one choice: kill or be killed.

In a shocking twist that we’re confident the show will never outdo, Trinity gets the last laugh by brutally murdering wife Rita in the bathtub, leaving his infant son soaked and screaming in a pool of her blood, changing Dexter’s life forever.

Who’s your favourite Dexter villain? Let us know below…

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