‘Hit & Miss’: Mia – more, eh?

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For the last month and a half, Tuesday nights at 10pm has meant an unmissable appointment on Sky Atlantic with a transgender woman who’s also the most likeable contract killer in the history of television and the disparate group of kids she’s doing her best to bring up as her own.

Through six episodes, we sympathised with Mia as she faced more problems than you’d find in a year’s worth of Dear Deidre… columns, with only a lot of brandy, some Northern Soul 7-inches and the occasional assistance of good-at-the-beginning-but-obviously-a-bastard-in-the-end gangster Eddie.

We booed at abominable agricultural arsehole John and then cheered when his put-upon and pregnant teenage lover Riley put a bullet in his tiny brain. We lamented Levi getting involved with Eddie (although we never once questioned the craziness of his emo girlfriend’s fringe), applauded the way Ryan followed the advice of the Wombats and danced to Joy Division, held our breath when little Leonie went off with a stubbly hobo (thankfully, he turned out to be her uncle) and groaned without fail every time bonk-barmy barman Ben got a bit confused about his feelings for a preoperative transsexual and had to pick up a ‘real’ woman for some front-bottomed sexy time.

We even accepted the series being set in Yorkshire when it was filmed entirely in Lancashire – something that puritanical Wars-of-the-Roses types might view as a kind of Northern blasphemy.

We did all that and thoroughly enjoyed it, even though the last episode was a messy sprawl of good ideas without much in the way of logic to hold them together. Then, at the very last moment, we were surprised by a cliffhanger finale popping up out of the ether: Eddie pointing a gun at Mia, Ryan pointing a gun at Eddie.

The credits rolled, Fink played on the soundtrack (again) and everyone was left wondering what happens next. The answer is… um. There is – as yet – no news on whether or not there’ll be a second series of Hit & Miss in which the ending of the first (not to mention some other, dangling plot strands) is resolved, but the early signs are not particularly encouraging.

While Sky Atlantic were clearly (and justifiably) proud of their first drama commission, star Chloë Sevigny was vocal in interviews about how difficult she found it spending four-and-a-half lonely months in Manchester, a situation worsened by the even-more-rainy-than-usual vagaries of the Lancastrian weather. Whether she’ll be prepared to return for a second batch of episodes remains to be seen, but a resolution and continuation of this great show would be most welcome. Mia – more, eh?

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