‘Merlin’: Legendary characters we’d like to see in Series 5

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After four series of BBC One’s Merlin there are still a wealth of characters from the Arthurian legend yet to make an appearance. So who could cause a stir in Series 5?

Here are three characters we’d like to see shake things up Camelot…

The Green Knight

A mysterious, romantic, figure, the Green Knight (Harry Potter‘s Domhnall Gleeson, perhaps?) arrives in Camelot only to be beheaded by Gwaine, pick his head up off the floor and walk away from the encounter unharmed – promising to meet Gwaine in a year’s time to return the blow.

Before the year is up he meets Gwaine in disguise and puts him through a series of trials including having his wife seduce him. When the Green Knight refrains from killing Gwaine, he reveals his true intention to test the worth of Arthur’s court.

The story of the Green Knight could fit well in a Series 5 that looks at what kind of ruler Arthur is becoming and how that is reflected in his court and kingdom. How will Arthur live up to the faith and effort Merlin has put into keeping him alive and on the throne?

Mark, King of Cornwall

The introduction of Tristan and Isolde in Series 4 opened the door to the existence of Mark, King of Cornwall, Isolde’s husband. An alliance between Tristan and Arthur would be sure to anger Mark, traditionally a bitter adversary of Arthur’s, who uses many underhand methods to bring ruin to Camelot.

Taking a cue from the casting of Tristan as older than Arthur it would be interesting to have Mark as a more experienced, hardened ruler. Perhaps with someone like Robin Hood star Richard Armitage in the role – playing a rival that Arthur can respect.


Mark is also sometimes credited as the one who sends the passionate and evil witch, Vivienne, to Arthur’s court to undermine his influence. Vivienne spreads vicious rumours about Arthur, teasing and seducing Merlin – leading to his disappearance from Camelot (often she’s said to entrap Merlin in a cave or tree).

Vivienne in the BBC’s Merlin is Morgana’s mother (mentioned in the episodes The Sins of the Father and The Crystal Cave). She is often referred to as Nimueh in myth but the characters have clearly been separated here (Nimueh having been killed off in Series 1).

So far it is unknown what happened to Morgana’s mother but there is the potential to see her ally with her daughter and return to Camelot – as well as the threat of Merlin falling under the spell of an older woman! Our slightly-ambitious dream casting: GoldenEye villainess Famke Janssen.

Which characters from the Arthurian legend would you like to appear in Series 5? Let us know below…

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