Our Christmas wishlist for the last ever ‘Downton Abbey’ episode

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After six season, fourteen years (for the characters at least) and a lot of hats, Downton Abbey comes to an end next month.

The period drama concludes on Christmas Day with a feature-length special, which sees the return of Lily James (Cinderella) and Matt Barber (Being Human) as Lady Rose and Atticus Aldridge.

If Santa is listening, here’s what we’d like to see in the episode…


The Bates’ little bundle of joy arrives – or should we say bundles of joy? Anna presents John with three healthy baby girls. You’re outnumbered, Mr. Bates.

Larry Merton succumbs to the nagging of the conniving Miss Cruikshank and convinces Isobel to marry his father. She marries Lord Merton and in a fitting turn of events, Isobel and Lord Merton throw Larry out on his ear.

Tom Branson meets Lady Edith’s new editor, again, when she drops by the Abbey for some Christmas cheer and sparks fly between them. It’s now time for him to move on.

Lady Edith – she either needs to marry Bertie Pelham in an incredibly lavish wedding at Brancaster Castle, or Michael Gregson needs to return from Germany (having had amnesia or something equally as unlikely) to sweep her off her feet.

Mrs. Patmore and Mr. Mason have a quiet New Year’s Day wedding, followed by a lovely reception at her house of ill repute – sorry, her new bed and breakfast – with cakes and pastries courtesy of Daisy.

Inspired by the joy of newlyweds all around, Mr. Mosley works finally up the courage to propose to Miss Baxter and she accepts.

Mr. Carson takes a nasty fall and is laid up with a broken leg. Mr. Barrow fills in nicely and – this time – everyone (including the staff) appreciates him.

Mr. Spratt extracts a sizeable contract for his work as columnist Casandra Jones and leaves the Dowager Countess without a butler. Mr. Carson, newly back in service after his recuperation, moves to the Dower House to fill in temporarily.

Former footman Alfred stops in to visit at the Abbey and finds the newly-confident Daisy irresistible – an old flame is reignited.

This whole silly rumour about Season 6 being the end is all an elaborate joke and we learn that filming of Season 7 will commence in the New Year.


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What do you want to see in the last ever episode? Let us know below…

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