Soap’s therapy for broken hearts

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The role of love in our lives can hardly be overestimated.

About 91 million people around the globe are the members of free dating sites and active users of mobile apps. Viewing profiles, winking and going on a date are the norm of our modern society. In this connection the posts about how to find a long-life partner on the dating site, or what kind of a profile will have more chances to attract the right person, are quite popular in the World Wide Web.

Online dating did not escape attention of the scientists as well. They together with online dating specialists give all sorts of recommendations and pieces of advice to help people succeed in finding their real life.

I guess television should not be out of the swim and have its say. The best TV contribution is certainly movies about love and soaps. They do not teach any lessons, do not provide with any findings, tricks and tips. However, they show how difficult relationship can be, that love is worth of searching and fighting for, that feelings are often contradictory.

In case you lost hope to find an ideal match, just take a break and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the best British soap operas, which make you get a new angle on your current love situation.



This UK’s highest-rated soap opera should not go unmentioned. In 2015 it got eight awards. Though, the secret of such popularity is simple. A strong family is its main concept.  It shows that a family life is not easy and rosy. Conflicts and misunderstanding happen often. However, the most important is that in times of troubles your family members will be next to you to support you and help.



Moving to adulthood goes hand- in-hand with the first love and betrayal, the first discover and disappointment. All these seem so naïve with the benefit of hindsight. At that time all love affairs and rueful feelings were so important. And sometimes, the roots of our behavior and failures are grown from our teenage period of life. The soap opera Hollyoaks will revive your memories and show the lives of teens.


Coronation Street

This show is not just a soap opera. It is an integral part of the British culture. Starting from 1960 year Coronation Street is popular till now and get together everybody around the TV set.  The storylines of it are diverse and numerous. The main point is that is Coronation Street is like a mirror showing the life of ordinary life of a community. That life is full of love, humor, pain and murders.



This piece of television art goes number two by the long run after Coronation Street. The scene of it is laid in the village. Though, the life of farmers is not so easy as it may seem. The generation gap and the conflict between a traditional and new lifestyle is focused on as well. Besides, it covers a lot of social issues on diseases, parenthood, financial problems, and teenage pregnancy and so on.