The finer fashion of ‘White Collar’s Neal Caffrey

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You would be hard pressed to find anyone as well dressed on TV as White Collar’s Neal Caffrey, played by Matt Bomer.

From his exceptionally well-tailored suits that sport slim collars and lapels, to his vintage tie bars and iconic fedoras, Caffrey’s style exudes class, sophistication, and the finer side of fashion.

There is a very NYC-esque Rat Pack influenced look in the Neal Caffrey wardrobe, from slick suits that frame his slim silhouette, to bold accessories borrowing from late fifties and early sixties influences like Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr. and Dean Martin. It should be mentioned, though, that even with his Rat Pack influences, the Neal Caffrey character is not the type of guy to follow trends, but is a trend setter himself, and his look always blends vintage with modern.

With impeccably tailored John Varvatos suits and slim-fit French cuff dress shirts from Thomas Pink, Neal Caffrey is always dapper and dashing. Caffrey’s look is complemented by fabulous vintage tie bars, exquisite cuff links, silk pocket squares, and bold-patterned slim ties, adding a sense of refinement to his look. Other designers used to achieve the Neal Caffrey look range from Paul Smith, Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, Simon Spurr, and Gucci. Of course we aren’t all swimming in our gold coins, so if you want to get the Caffrey looks without breaking the bank, Peter Hahn also has some good options which you can peruse here.

Ultimately, the look comes down to being fresh and polished, focusing on clean lines and classic cuts tailored to perfection. Neal has a gentleman’s flare and a classy demeanor, only adding to the Caffrey persona and his impeccable look that we just can’t get enough of.

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