‘Breaking Bad’ gallery event report

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To celebrate the release of Breaking Bad‘s fourth season on DVD earlier this month – as well the imminent arrival of Season 5 on Netflix – central London saw a very special event take place this week.

Held in the swish Soho Gallery, the event saw an exhibit of Breaking Bad-inspired art going on display for one night only. The pieces were all beautiful, and surprisingly diverse.

Nearly every aspect of the show was celebrated, in a variety of ways. There were, of course, plenty of pieces depicting main characters Walter White and Jesse Pinkman in some of their more iconic moments on the show, but there were also lovingly crafted infographics detailing Walt’s Superlab, and adverts for Saul Goodman’s sleazy law firm that were as convincing as they were hilarious. There were even some trainers with the characters faces painted on!

Of course, the real pull of the event was the presence of Bryan Cranston – Walter White himself! Arriving to a ripple of excitement, Cranston was instantly mobbed by the enthusiastic crowd of press and – primarily – competition winners. Any veneer of cool in the room went out the window the moment he walked in, but Cranston put everybody at ease, winding his way through the room, posing for countless pictures and charming everybody with his warm nature. His only respite came when co-star and recent Emmy-winner Aaron Paul turned up unexpectedly, announcing himself with a characteristic “YEAH, BITCH!” and hungrily working the crowd, eager to talk to his fans and seemingly having a great time of his own!

With the waitresses posing as meth-cooks, decked out in protective clothing and dishing up hors d’oeuvres that didn’t include funions, but that did include edible blue crystal-meth (well, sugary treats that looked like Walt’s crystal blue, at any rate), the entire night was authentically Breaking Bad. we might not have actually been in sweltering New Mexico, but the vividness of some of the paintings on display did their best to convince us we were.

For the lucky fans in attendance it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet their heroes, and thankfully, they didn’t disappoint. Cranston and Paul were happy to stop and chat, and never once expressed annoyance at the barrage of flashing camera-phones pointing their way. They were intent on making sure the fans had a great time – and they certainly succeeded.

Breaking Bad is arguably the best TV show on the planet at the moment – and Cranston and Paul arguably the best two actors – and you can relive their thrilling performances in the incredible first part of Season 5 when it debuts on Netflix on November 1st.

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