10 things we learned from the ‘Red 2’ press conference

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The event took place on a boat called Symphony, which glided across the Thames past landmarks seen in the London leg of the film, which arrives in UK cinemas on Friday 2 August. It was a gloriously hot day and even the actors were starting to gleam gently with sweat – in the fashionable way that actors do, of course…

Bruce Willis: “I wasn’t really much of a comic book guy. I don’t have much of a connection with DC Comics. I can make it up and say I was?”

Bruce Willis: “I have to think about the food I eat [to stay in shape]. I do a lot of lifting and moving things around – weights, barbells and things like that. I don’t do that many stunts. I would if I could but I’m not allowed to ever, ever be hurt. I wouldn’t mind it.”

Helen Mirren: “I’m lucky to get big parts as an older actress. It was luck that I was asked to be in Red. All I try to do is mix it up.”

Mary-Louise Parker: “I came back for the sequel because I love these actors. It’s so easy to work with and hang out with Bruce. That was the main draw for me. I feel like I’ve got lucky.”

Bruce Willis: “I can’t sing. I shout in key. I’m very happy to let singers handle all the lifting. I can’t stand the sound of my own voice when I sing. It really is excruciating.”

Parker: “It’s great to return to a cast and already have an emotional shorthand.”

Bruce Willis: “I liked to work with this group of actors especially. We were fortunate to get them all. All we try to do all day was make each other laugh. Hopefully that came across on screen. I’m a big fan of Sir Anthony Hopkins.”

Helen Mirren: “I might be persuaded to be extravagant on a pair of shoes”.

Bruce Willis: “Theatre is a lot harder than film. It’s all live and there’s no second take. It puts a lot of fear in your heart.”

Mary-Louise Parker: “The biggest problem for me on this shoot was the cold. I have no problem with heels but the cold was a problem.”

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