‘Doctor Who’ quiz: Which generation of Cyberman are you?

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Just when Cyberman fatigue was setting in in Doctor Who, it was announced yesterday that the original Mondasian Cybermen – last seen in 1966’s The Tenth Planet (also their first appearance) – would be returning for Season 10’s finale.

You’d have to have had your emotional inhibitor chip activated not to be excited about that.

They’re Peter Capaldi’s favourite incarnation of the Cyberman, but are they yours?

The Cybermen have had more looks than any other Doctor Who villain across the decades Fortunately we at CultBox have put together an INCREDIBLY SCIENTIFIC quiz in order to determine which generation of the cold, emotionless, murderous cyborg you most resemble. It’s basically a Cosmo quiz for anyone with handles on their head.

So, without further ado, get out the tinfoil, spray paint your Doc Martens silver, replace your lymphatic system with several miles of copper wire, and find out which generation of merciless killing cyborg from outer space best represents you.

Look, we have to pass the time until mid-April somehow…


1. Where do you feel most at home?

A) A nice, chilly tomb
B) Voga
C) Anywhere with zeppelins
D) Whimsical theme parks


2. You come across a planet full of humanoid lifeforms. What’s the first thing you say?

A) ‘You. Will. Become. Like. Uzzzz!’
C) ‘Delete!’
D) ‘You will be upgraded!’


3. How do you prefer to kill or subdue your enemies?

A) A slow, deliberate karate chop to the shoulder
B) Get Cybermats to do an ‘EXCELLENT’ job for you
C) Use your electric hand
D) Whip out your arm laser – ‘PEW! PEW! PEW!’


4. You’ve got a long way to travel. How do you do it?

A) Walk menacingly and incredibly slowly
B) Walk, making sure to take a tour through London’s ‘EXCELLENT’ scenery
D) Use your rocket feet and fly there


5. What’s your favourite way of converting humans into pure, unemotional Cyberform?

A) You don’t want to know, but it involves saws
B) Any way that I deem to be ‘EXCELLENT’
C) Whip out that brain with some big whirring knives
D) Nanotechnology


6. Someone attacks you with a bar of gold! What do you do?!

A) Try and make sure they don’t rub it on you
B) Die an un-‘EXCELLENT’ death
C) Delete them
D) Melt down that gold and use it to pay for the rides at Hedgewick’s World of Wonders


7. One of your colleagues plans to make a Wooden Cyberman – what do you think?

A) What is wood?
B) Not an ‘EXCELLENT’ idea
C) What’s wrong with converting a Victorian dog into a Cybershade?
D) I wood do it


8. Where was the last place you woke up?

A) A chilly tomb, under cellophane
B) London in the 1980s
C) Battersea Power Station
D) A graveyard


9. Good news, the Cyber Controller has given you two weeks vacation! Where do you fancy going?

A) Telos
B) Earth, just before the Dinosaurs went extinct
C) Victorian London
D) Trenzalore


10. Who is your least favourite Doctor?

A) The First Doctor
B) The Fifth Doctor
C) The Tenth Doctor
D) The Twelfth Doctor


Get ready to find out which generation of Cyberman you are…


Mostly A’s: Sixties Cyberman

You’re old school and unashamed to show it, both in how you dress and act.

You don’t mind taking your time over things (especially when striding towards your enemies) and you’re not so concerned about technology that you feel you need to keep up with all those modern trends like cassette tapes and Z-bombs.

Nope, a massive lamp on your head was good enough for your dad, it’s good enough for you, and it’ll be good enough for the next victim you force into the Cyber-conversion chamber.


Mostly B’s: Seventies/Eighties Cyberman

You are constantly in the pursuit of EXCELLENCE and won’t let anything get in the way of you and your enormous head handles.

You’re driven and ruthless in all your endeavours, but not against co-operating with others, whether that’s in attempting to blow up a planet or asteroid, or trying to change the course of history. But no matter what you do, you’re just happy to be having a good time. So long as you can clench your fist in triumph, life is good.

Better than good in fact. It’s ‘EXCELLENT’.


Mostly C’s: Noughties Cyberman

You know your own mind – after all, it was scissored out of your corpse and glued into that suit of armour – and you’re not afraid to stick to your beliefs. You even believe those steel flares you’re wearing look cool.

However, while you may think you’re immune to outside opinions, you’re not above the influence of others, as that big Lumic ‘Cybermen’ logo that sometimes appears on your chest often demonstrates.

In fact, some may think that you’re just a pale imitation of something; a Cyber hipster trying to kill or convert their way to authenticity. Don’t listen to them. Although ‘Age of Steel’ wasn’t great.


Mostly D’s: Twenty-Tweens Cyberman

You’re avant-garde, unafraid to break the mould, even if that means people think you’re a bit odd. Wooden Cybermen? Cyber-corpses being birthed from graves? Anything goes!

There’s no such thing as a bad idea as far as you’re concerned. You like to think outside the steel-encased box. And after you’ve worked hard you play hard.

Once a long day forcibly recruiting more terrified humanoids to your ranks is over, you like nothing than to unwind at Hedgewick’s World of Wonders, riding the Spacey-Zoomer in between killing terrified fun-lovers and playing chess.


Which generation of Cyberman are you? Let us know below…

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