‘The Walking Dead’: 10 things we’ve learned from the Season 2 DVD extras

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» The barn at Hershel’s farm was not part of the original location; it was built from scratch in ten days by the production team.

» Laurie Holden reveals that Andrea’s character journey takes her from being ‘a suicidal, bereft woman’ to a ‘powerhouse warrior’.

» To create the sound of breaking bones, the Foley artists snap pieces of celery.

» Multi-tasking consulting producer/co-executive producer/director/visual effects supervisor Greg Nicotera was once assistant to zombie overlord George A. Romero.

» The Walking Dead is Steven Yeun’s first major work as an actor.

» The discussion regarding the fate of the group’s prisoner instigated by Dale in Episode 12 was inspired by the movie, Twelve Angry Men.

» Good ol’ boy southern brothers Merle and Daryl Dixon do not feature in the original Walking Dead comic book.

» Creator Robert Kirkwood insisted on the scene in which Rick passes his sheriff’s hat onto son Carl be included.

» Composer Bear McCreary’s score is inspired by the work of Bernard Herrmann, who wrote the music for Hitchcock films such as Vertigo and Psycho, and for the Martin Scorsese classic, Taxi Driver.

» Andrew Lincoln talks in his American accent between takes.

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