Sci-Fi July is this month’s Film4 theme

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Film4 is calling it Sci-Fi July and bringing a feast of films to Freeview for our enjoyment — we have the details

We aren’t going to repeat the (rather long) press release regarding Sci-Fi July on Film4, but would like to point out just some of what’s coming to whet your appetites. Do read the full piece for everything coming this month.

First the big titles

There’s a lot of bigger films coming, ranging from Tom Cruise in both Minority Report (pictured above) and War of the Worlds (other versions are available), Ad Astra, Gemini Man and Lucy in the Sky. But it’s not all the big star titles, there’s also…

Films to broaden your experience of the genre

While we (before Netflix) tend very much to focus on English speaking UK/US films, there’s a lot more out there, and Sci-Fi July brings us some interesting choices. A quick round the world tour brings us:

Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes in which a Japanese café owner learns that the TV in his café is showing images that take place two minutes in the future; from Russia we have Sputnik, in which the sole survivor of an incident in space returns home playing host to a dangerous creature hiding inside his body; from France comes Quentin Dupieux’s Mandibles in which two men find a giant fly in the boot of their car and try to train it in the hope of making cash

Of course, there’s a lot of US/UK indie film making, and we can look forward to:

…from America come two award-winning independent genre films, Freaks and Lapsis; and from the UK audiences can experience Foresight, a Film4-commissioned anthology of futuristic short films from rising Black British directors.

Heroes galore


Where would we be without heroes (of the super variety)? If you need some comic book costume wearing crime fighting (and more) take a look at:

Daredevil starring Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner and Colin Farrell; Hancock starring Will Smith and Charlize Theron; Zack Snyder’s all-star adaptation of Alan Moore’s iconic comic series Watchmen; and Brightburn

Attack the Block
Attack the Block

There’s a lot more besides, and a bunch of titles have also landed on All4 today, including Attack the Block, in which you can watch a pre-Who Jodie Whittaker against an alien invasion (with pre-Star Wars John Boyega) while looking out for all the Easter Eggs. Enjoy!