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Grange Hill: get the first four series on DVD for £20!

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If all had gone to plan, then the BBC was set to release the many series of the classic children’s drama series Grange Hill over the last few years. It unleashed the first four series of the show on DVD back in 2007, with plans for more to follow.

The problem? It didn’t all go to plan. And whilst the initial disc releases were well received, they weren’t well received enough to get things movie beyond series four.

As such, we were left with three SKUs in the end: Grange Hill series 1 & 2 in the first set, Grange Hill series 3 & 4 in the second, and then a bumper box of both of those for the third.

Said bumper boxset will now set you back – yikes! – just shy of £100. But you can get all of the episodes released simply by buying the first two sets. And as it turns out, the asking price comes in at £20. Series 1 & 2 will cost you £9, and series 3 & 4 will cost you £11. Obviously, these prices are correct at the time this was bring written!

Here are the links to the releases at Amazon. If you’d be willing to click through using these links we’d be hugely grateful – it helps us pay people for what they do. Thank you.

Grange Hill boxset one:

Grange Hill boxset two: