Grange Hill

When Kevin Bishop was sacked from Grange Hill

Actor and comedian Kevin Bishop has been appearing on Tracey Ullman’s Show of late, and in 2016 we saw him star as Nigel Farage in Nigel Farage Gets His Life Back. But his big break came in 1994, when he was cast in the role of Sam Spalding in the gone-but-not-forgotten classic kids TV drama, … >

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5 classic British kids’ TV shows that are overdue a revival

Inspired by the triumphant and long-overdue returns of The Clangers and Thunderbirds – and excited at the imminent comeback of the amazing, the fantastic, the greatest secret agent in the world (Danger Mouse) – we’ve put our minds to the question… Which other classic kids’ TV shows could be on the list for a 21st … >

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Top 6 TV character actors

If you’re clever, and you have the right scripts, it’s possible to make a virtue of typecasting by forging a career as a solidly dependable performer who can be relied upon to fill a certain you-shaped niche.

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