House of the Dragon

House of the Dragon – George R. R. Martin talks dragons and magic

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As the Game of Thrones spin-off launching today, its creator talks about the fantastical aspects of Westeros. 

As we return to the world of Westeros, to see the Targaryen civil war – as chronicled in House of the Dragon – it’s time to immerse ourselves in the rules of George R. R. Martin’s world.

House of the Dragon

Helpfully, the man himself is on hand to give us a few pointers. Previously, he’s helped set the new show in its historical context. This time, he has a few worlds to say about magic and dragons.

“In magic it’s not just the recipe, or the words of the spell. It’s who you are, who’s doing it. And what are you feeling when you’re doing it.”

Uncle George discusses the Valyrians with their blood and fire magic, and their revelation that intention has value, as well as the ritual itself. He then goes on to talk about dragons and the magical nature of their fire too. With Dragons presumably becoming hot property (sorry, couldn’t resist) in the show, we can’t help but wonder if a rider’s relationship with their dragon will impact on how they perform in battle.

Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen with baby Drogon

In Game of Thrones, Dany’s dragons where highly bonded to her. However, there were only three of them and she was working on instinct alone. Will the same be true of the creatures we see in this earlier show? It’s all tantalising stuff as House of the Dragon kicks off its ten episode run.

Noble Houses

If you want to get a handle on who’s who too, there’s also a 4-minute explainer for that too.

Featuring both Martin and members of the cast, it introduces both the Hightowers and the Velaryons who are both major players in the realm.

HBOpremiered House of the Dragon on Sunday, August the 21st – that translates to Monday, 22nd August for us Brits. You can find the show on Sky Atlantic and Now.