Spy/Master – BBC picks up the Romanian thriller series

The broadcaster is bringing the Cold War thrills to BBC iPlayer.  The BBC has announced that it has picked up the Romanian Cold War thriller series Spy/Master. It’s an intense defection drama set in the late 70’s. Here’s what we know about Spy/Master… The six-part series, filmed in Romania and Hungary, spans one perilous week … >

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The Regime - Kate Winslet enthroned

The Regime – new trailer for Kate Winslet’s darkly satirical drama

The second trailer for The Regime promises more comic moments than we’d previously expected.  It’s been a long time coming, but we know now that Kate Winslet’s new series lands in April. The Regime takes us inside a modern European country where Winslet’s Chancellor clings to power as her authoritarian regime begins to crumble. Here’s … >

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House of the Dragon

Aegon’s Conquest – HBO developing a further Game of Thrones’ spin-off

Set even earlier than House of the Dragon, the new show would chronicle Aegon’s conquest. Not content with House of the Dragon, the forthcoming Dunk and Egg series and various animated ideas, The Hollywood Reporter have indicated that HBO are actively developing a further live-action shows set in Westeros. Taking place further back in time … >

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Game of Thrones

George R R Martin talks Game of Thrones animations

With various spinoffs in progress, the Game Of Thrones creator has revealed one element of the Westerosi animations slate.  We’ve known for a while that George R. R. Martin and HBO have various spinoffs in progress for the Game of Thrones universe. So far, only one has actually come to fruition as House of the … >

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The Regime - Kate Winslet

The Regime – official trailer for Kate Winslet’s new political drama

Kate Winslet impresses as the hard-edged leader of a modern European regime.  Updated 21/11/23: Sky reveal the official trailer for The Regime, but there’s still no confirmed start date. It’s been almost eight months since we first got a taste of Kate Winslet in her role as Chancellor. The show, from Succession‘s Will Tracy, follows … >

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Curb Your Enthusiasm S12

Curb Your Enthusiasm to conclude with Series 12

The forthcoming 10-epsiode series ends the show’s intermittent 23-year run.  HBO have announced that the forthcoming Series 12 of Curb Your Enthusiasm is to be the show’s last. The show began in 2001, with Larry David starring as an over-the-top version of himself in a hilarious fictionalised version of his life. Curb Your Enthusiasm The … >

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True Detective: Night Country – final trailer

The fourth season of True Detective, led by Jodie Foster and Kali Reis, also stars Christopher Eccleston and Fiona Shaw. Updated 04/12/23: The show delivers another trailer for its long-awaited Night Country season. With the series landing in mid-January, Warner Bros. Discovery have released what they’re billing as a “final trailer” for the upcoming season … >

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HBO Insecure

Is Netflix getting Insecure? What else could we get?

We’re talking about the HBO Original show Insecure — it seems Netflix might be licensing some rivals content, so what might be next? We read (via Deadline), Warner Bros Discovery are looking to make more money from HBO Original titles, and are in talks with Netflix to make a few shows available, starting with Insecure. This is … >

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