The 5 Best Movies About Poker

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Poker movies are a great movie classic. Poker is a type of game that’s kind of ideal for intriguing and compelling stories. It is no mystery that the magnificence associated with playing poker creates a perfect mix not only for the big screen but also for those who like to play online and try some new UK casinos. These are the ingredients of the 5 best films of all time related to poker. Here is the ultimate list of the 5 best movies about poker. Check them out.

1) Casino Royale – 2006

One of the best 007 movies and one of the best poker movies. Casino Royale sees Daniel Craig as James Bond, charged with challenging a dangerous warlord at a rich poker game in a casino in Montenegro. This time James Bond does not beat his opponents through the barrel of a gun but thanks to his skills in the game. But the amazing poker game takes only a small role in this fantastic action film. If you have seen the series, do not worry, the movie contains a good deal of scenes of animated struggle, typical of James Bonds films.

2) Cincinnati Kid – 19

The names of Steve McQueen and Norman Jewison would be enough to make Cincinnati Kid one of the most unmissable poker films ever. McQueen plays a young player who, in the New Orleans of the 1930s, challenges one of the absolute masters of poker in a game with very high stakes. Cincinnati Kid is one of the few Hollywood films in which reality has not gone too far. Of course, there are intense scenes of action and suspense, but this film is one of the few appreciated even by poker enthusiasts. Lancey Howard’s closing line is epic: “You’re good, Kid. But as long as I’m around, you’re second best. And you might as well learn to live with it.”

3) 21 – 2008

The true story of the MIT Blackjack team is told in the best-selling book “Bringing down the house”, a real inspiration for the making of this film, dated 2008, whose main theme is gambling. The bright young Ben Campbell (Jim Sturgess) is involved in the dangerous world of Blackjack card counting, following the offer of his math teacher (Kevin Spacey). The result is a team of elite card counters that bust the casinos of Las Vegas. Greed and corruption, the winning features of the team, try to distract Ben from his life, involving him more and more in the world of fraud.

21 is based on a true story and will not fail to excite poker fans. But don’t try this at home.

4) The Sting – 1973

This is a phenomenal movie that tells of two scammers looking for money and revenge. The plot is complex and full of twists, but it is not difficult to follow. Actors like Paul Newman and Robert Redford use their skills to represent the scammers best. After a mutual friend is killed by a mafia boss, the two find courageously the way to manipulate the assassin’s bets. No movie captures attention like this: poker, horse racing, and gambling are the secret ingredients. A classic and excellent poker film.

5) Maverick – 1994

Unlike the previously mentioned titles, Maverick is definitely an entertainment film not to be taken too seriously. The story is that of Brett Maverick (Mel Gibson), a master in the game of poker who wants to find the money to join the most famous poker championship of the West.

Along the way, he meets a woman (Jodie Foster) and Angle (Alfred Molina), a rival in poker recently beaten in search of revenge. There is no moral or profound meaning in this film, only pure cinematographic entertainment and a sort of picaresque poker Olympics.