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The Has Fallen franchise sets its sights on Paris… and on television

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Paris has Fallen comes from Urban Myth, creators of The Lazarus Project

After three successful outings on the big screen, the Has Fallen series is heading to television. The action movie franchise has tackled Olympus (2013), London (2016) and Angel (2019) as secret agent Mike Benning (Gerard Butler) foils terrorist attacks on high profile targets.

Gerard Butler as Mike Benning in Angel Has Fallen

Now, with a fourth movie in the works, the series is branching out onto television too. Thanks to Deadline, we’ve learned that French filmmaker and actor Mathieu Kassovitz (Gothika, Babylon A.D.) will lead the show.

Here’s the premise for Paris Has Fallen:

Kassovitz will star as Vincent, a protection officer to a French Minister, who is the target of a terror group led by villain Jacob. Vincent works with MI6 operative Zara to keep the politician safe, but they eventually unravel a wider plot, suspecting that a security service colleague is feeding information to Jacob, who is always a step ahead in his mission to bring down Paris.

There’s no suggestion that Gerard Butler’s Mike Benning will appear, however the Deadline piece suggests there might be a cameo.

Paris Has Fallen comes from writer Howard Overman (The War of the Worlds) and director Oded Ruskin (Drops of God). Its produced by Urban Myth Films, StudioCanal, Millennium Media and G-Base, as well as Eclectic Pictures. The producers are Johnny Capps, Julian Murphy, and Overman for Urban Myth, Gerard Butler and Alan Siegel for G-Base. Also, Avi Lerner, Jeffrey Greenstein, Jonathan Yunger, and Heidi Jo Markel for Millennium Media.

The eight-part show is heading for various European networks, with StudioCanal hoping to snare UK and U.S. broadcasters too.

Filming begins at the end of May. We’ll keep you posted.