The Lazarus Project – first trailer for Sky’s new action thiller

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The time-twisting show boasts an impressive cast including Paapa Essiedu, Anjli Mohindra and Tom Burke. 

Sky have revealed a trailer from their upcoming series The Lazarus Project – previously known as “Extinction”. Written by Joe Barton (Giri/Haji), it’s described as a “timely and affecting exploration of the desire to take charge of your own fate”. Oh, and for some reason it’s billed as an action thriller… not science fiction.

Here’s the premise for The Lazarus Project:

When George wakes up one day and finds himself reliving a day from months ago, he thinks he’s lost his mind. All of his recent milestones have been undone, including his success at work and his marriage to the love of his life Sarah. Worst of all, he seems to be the only one who has noticed what’s happened.

That is, until he meets Archie, who recruits George for the Lazarus Project – a secret organisation that has harnessed the ability to turn back time every time the world is at threat of extinction. Like George, those who work at Lazarus are the few people on earth with the ability to remember the events that are undone when time goes back. Alongside colleagues Archie, standoffish Shiv, and their steely leader Wes George works to prevent global catastrophe – including trying to track down the formidable Rebrov, a wanted criminal intent on detonating a nuclear warhead and destroying the world.

Then a freak accident harms someone close to George. Lazarus won’t let him turn back time to undo it – unless there is the threat of global extinction. Now George must choose to stay loyal or go rogue, as he is faced with the question: if you had the power to rewrite your past, what would you sacrifice to do it…?

The Cast

Paapa Essiedu (I May Destroy You, Gangs of London) plays the lead role of George; the wider cast includes Anjli Mohindra, Tom Burke, Caroline Quentin, Rudi Dharmalingam, Vinette Robinson and Charly Clive.

The Lazarus Project‘s director is Marco Kreuzpaintner (Beat). Executive producers are Joe Barton, Paul Gilbert for Sky Studios, and Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy for Urban Myth Films. Adam Knopf is the producer. Filming took place in spring of 2021, in Bristol as well as Prague and Postoloprty in the Czech Republic.

Looking at the trailer, it suggests a show with both personal and global implications; like a serious treatment of Groundhog Day with terrorists and atomic bomb. Okay, maybe not, but it’s clearly terrifically high-concept and definitely one to watch out for.

Interestingly, writer Joe Barton is Gotham City bound for a police detective series spinning out of The Batman.

The Lazarus Project runs for eight hour-long episodes and premieres on Sky Max and NOW in April 2022. We’ll let you know when there’s a start date.