The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: Why Season 2 Has Proven to Be One Of The Best TV Shows Of The Year

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If you liked the first season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, then the second season of this Amazon’s Emmy-winning comedy-drama will have you biting your nails till the very end.

The first season ended on a quite straightforward note; Miriam Maisel, or Midge, has finally reached the success she was yearning for and we were all witnessing her introduction to the comedy elite of 1950s New York.

For those who are not familiar with this show, here’s a short recap of the first season; this is a story of a ‘Fifties’ Jewish housewife-turned-comedian Miriam ‘Midge’ Maisel and her adventures, from being left by her husband, to discovering her stand-up shtick. The critical acclaim for the first season was marvelous, so let’s look at what makes the Season Two so great, and what is new on the table this time around. But first, make sure to hop over to uk.edusson for assignment and writing services in case you are dealing with the finals season. This way, you will be able to enjoy the second season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel fully.

Tragic Comedy

Tragic events, interesting upbringing, and milieu can provide excellent material for comedy. So, no wonder Mrs. Maisel’s stand-up performances attracted such wide attention with her life as the powerhouse of her comedy. The season one’s exceptional tragic comedy was the primary drive of the show. However, the second season adds more spice to what we have been used to from Mrs. Maisel.

With an unexpected detour to Paris, Midge is now experiencing her parents’ divorce, and back in New York, she is giving the raunchiest and most personal performance in front of a delicate audience comprising people who no longer care about her, and her father who now suffers from an existential crisis. Nevertheless, Midge and Susie continue with their performances on sexism and current events that have been shaping Midge’s life. However, according to Esquire, the most tragic aspect of Midge’s life and comedy must be the slow but impactful deterioration of her life throughout the Season Two; this is the critical notion of the show which is eventually turning her into a vulgar, tough-skinned comedian.

Upgrade of The Plot

The plot of the first season had undoubtedly everyone in its grasp from the very first episode. However, the question arises whether the Season Two continued with the same ‘grasp.’ The direction of the Season Two plot is entirely different from the scheme of the first season; Midge isn’t performing at the same club, she isn’t telling the same old jokes to the same old audience, and the bits of the first season are just nowhere to be seen in the follow-up.

Many critics, and the audience, however, disagree with such a turn in the plot, but many have also welcomed it quite readily. The second seasons begins right where the first season stopped, introducing, simultaneously, new locations, new characters and original plot and subplot line which are still cohesive to the first seasons; the second seasons only seems to be an expansion to everything we have come to love in the first season. The show is definitely taking a risk with the second season and is also taking the audience out of the zone of familiarity and comfort, which are just the signs of artistic evolution.

The Summer Camp

The Summer Camp part of the Season Two might have had some of the viewers worried; was it really necessary to take some of the characters out of the place we got used to in the season one and put them in an entirely new one? Personally, I find it to be an excellent idea, because the situations and events they get into, lead to the reveal of a major plot point and characters.

In order to keep the article as non-spoiler as possible, let’s keep it simple. According to Refinery29, the episodes 4 and 5 of the second season are probably the best-handled plot lines and scenes of this show. The emotional-rollercoaster and jaw-dropping, nail-biting moments were definitely the highlights of the second season. Moreover, the emotions fueling the season are also intertwined with the comedy and humor, which makes the Season Two experience much more profound and believable. Let’s just name few of the significant events of these episodes; the family trip to the Catskills, Midge ad Joel’s post-affair split discussion, love-triangle, nerve-wracking stand-up performance, and much more.

Rachel Brosnahan’s Performance

Rachel Brosnahan as Mrs. Maisel or Midge is probably the best TV performance of the year, from an entertainment standpoint. Her acting and immersion into the character are simply flawless and thoroughly intriguing. Brosnahan as Midge is in every bit charming and effervescent, and she somehow makes the character appear simultaneously, rude, vulgar and aggressive in ways that an average viewer can find relatable.

From the very first episode in season one, the audience fell in love with Midge immediately, and that feeling translated seamlessly into Season Two. Midge continues to be endearing, well-dressed but showcases some irresistibly charismatic personality traits that we might consider as ‘a lot.’ Nevertheless, Brosnahan intriguing acting skills made Midge seem as ‘just enough’ for the plotline and the adventures of the hero we all needed.


The Season Two is definitely a visible upgrade to the season one, featuring the same charismatic and enchanting feeling we all grew to love and recognize. Nevertheless, the new seasons carries new additions to the plot and subplot, so make sure to get into Season Two open-minded. You will still encounter the same characters and same plot-line bits but everything comes with a turn in the follow-up.