League of Gentlemen Reunion

Three new “special” episodes of League of Gentlemen announced

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BBC Two’s controller, Patrick Holland, has this morning been speaking at the Edinburgh TV festival. Among many exciting plans for the station he confirmed that, yes, The League of Gentlemen will be back. It was hardly a secret, but the announcement makes things officially official.

There were no real details given, other than an episode count of three, a promise that the episodes would be “special,” and that they will air later this year, marking the 20th anniversary since the League made their BBC radio debut.

What “special” means remains to be seen but I think it’s simply a nice sizzle word that implies a short run, not a full series. Maybe, though, the episodes will have extended run times, or some sort of “special” high concept.

The original run of the show ended fifteen years ago, and was then followed by a feature film, The League of Gentlemen’s Apocalypse, and stage show, The League of Gentlemen Are Behind You!, either of which may or may not be acknowledged by the new episodes. My money would be on Apocalypse being explicitly referenced, and I think a cameo appearance by Michael Sheen could easily happen.

All of which is really besides the point, at least right now. There’s new League coming, and the Gentlemen have got a lot more experience and practice under their belts now. Fans should be going wild.