League of Gentlemen Reunion

Another member confirms League of Gentlemen reunion plans

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It appears that work is underway on a new League of Gentlemen episode, confirming our story from a while back…

You may remember a little while be we reported on Mark Gatiss’ talk to the Oxford Union, during which he spoke about work on League of Gentlemen reunion being underway.

Well, today, Reece Shearsmith has confirmed that things are moving along on an anniversary version of the show. Specifically, he tweeted this.

The show wound up its run on the BBC back in 2002, so this year marks 15 since they were last on our TV screens. Though they did reunite for a film, League of Gentleman’s Apocalypse, in 2005.

The core writing team of Gatiss, Shearsmith, Steve Pemberton and Jeremy Dyson have gone on to create a range of shows individually and in collaboration. Pemberton and Shearsmith’s Inside No. 9 is getting a 4th series on BBC2, Dyson wrote and directed Psychobitches, while Gatiss has worked on both Sherlock and Doctor Who with Steven Moffatt.

Exactly what form the reunion will take is currently unknown. We’ll have more news when we get it.