Andrew-Lee Potts (‘By Any Means’) interview

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The six-part series is airing at 9pm on Sunday nights and follows a clandestine unit living on the edge and playing the criminal elite at their own game. Working in the shadows, the maverick team inhabit the grey area between the letter of the law and true justice.

By Any Means sounds a little like The Equalizer, or The A-Team even, in that your character is involved in ‘delivering justice’ in situations where the usual legal channels have failed. Are either of those comparisons particularly apt?

“I guess it is a little A-Team in the sense that we work outside of the law to entrap our targets, and each of us has our own special skills that come into play to complement each other. Not unlike The A-Team there is a sense of mischief and humour underwritten by genuine affection for each other. There just might be a few ‘love it when a plan comes together’ moments!”

What can you tell us about your character, tech genius Thomas Tomkins?

“TomTom is a reformed criminal – well reformed-ish – and the only member of the team to not be there out of choice. With technology being such an integral part of the show, TomTom is constantly being challenged to achieve new ways to make the team’s plans reality. To TomTom hacking is not just a job, it’s his art, to get in and out without a trace. He is the Banksy of the cyber world if you like.”

Is this character a bit more morally ambiguous, maybe a bit more ruthless, than you’ve played in the past?

“TomTom is very moral but there are points in the show when you not quite sure how far he’s willing to go or indeed how far the team are willing to go which makes the show more edgy. They make and break their own rules.”

Guest stars include the likes of Keith Allen, David Harewood, Neil Maskell and Honor Blackman. What were they like to work with?

“The calibre of guest actors on this show is something I’m really proud of. Each one brings a weight of experience and really adds to the show on a whole.”

Are you keen to play the character again if By Any Means is recommissioned a second series? Do you think there’s scope in this show to potentially run for some time?

“I had a ball playing TomTom and a big factor in that was my co-stars. We all got on ridiculously well due to our similar sense of humour and who doesn’t want to have a giggle at work? Each episode is a stand-alone story and so different from the last that I think there could be many stories to tell especially with Tony Jordan at the helm.”

Which previous role do you find yourself recognised from most often?

“I would have to say Primeval and Alice.”

With Primeval: New World not returning, do you think that’s the last we’ll see of the Primeval universe or do you reckon the show might still return for a new UK series or the long-rumoured movie?

“As far as I’m aware there are no plans for Primeval to return at this stage.”

Would you be interested in returning as Connor again?

Primeval was a big part of my life. I’ll always have a place in heart for Connor, but it’s also nice as an actor to play different roles and take on new challenges.”

Connor was, is it fair to say, a bit of a geek. In real life, are you into any cult or sci-fi TV shows/films?

“I’m a fan of all different genres in TV/film. I’m a big fan of the Iron Man movies. My true addiction right now is Breaking Bad.”

Are there any British cult TV shows that you’d like to guest star in?

“I think Sherlock would be a cool one to do. I was asked to appear in Misfits; unfortunately it clashed with another job at the time, but that would have been fun to guest in.”

Following your roles in Primeval, Alice and True Bloodthirst, was the realism of By Any Means part of its appeal or do you enjoy the fantasy element in your work?

“I have got a soft spot for being in heightened fantasy shows, it gives you the chance to play around a bit more with the characters, but it’s also nice to go back to my roots and do something a bit more real.”

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