10 years since it began, could ‘Primeval’ ever return?

Today marks exactly ten years since the first ever episode of Primeval aired. ITV’s sci-fi series started as a competitor to Doctor Who in the Saturday evening family drama slot, but quickly grew into something far more interesting. It was a show that, rather appropriately, evolved a lot over its lifetime – but even if nothing … >

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Why has ITV never found its own ‘Doctor Who’?

This month brought the sad news that fantasy adventure series Jekyll and Hyde has been cancelled after only one season due to disappointing ratings. Charlie Higson’s ten-part drama was the latest in a line of ITV shows to have aired over the past decade that have tried to ape the family-friendly success of Doctor Who. … >

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‘The Musketeers’ Episode 2: ‘Sleight of Hand’ review

The Musketeers continues its solid, unsurprising start with ‘Sleight of Hand’.

It too is another enjoyable yet predictable romp through the murkier side of swashbuckling. Meanwhile, characters are further defined, approximately fifty people are shot, and guest stars swagger as only Jason Flemyng can swagger (copiously shifting weight from buttock to buttock with each stride).

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‘The Musketeers’ Episode 1: ‘Friends and Enemies’ review

Adrian Hodges’ adaptation of Alexander Dumas’ novel occupies the post-Sherlock Sunday evening slot on BBC One and it looks the part. Prague doubles for a lived-in Seventeenth Century Paris, and the fight scenes are stylish and kinetic. A strong and charismatic cast delivers, though ultimately the end product is solid rather than exceptional.

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‘The Musketeers’ preview

‘One for all and all for one’ – even for those of us, of a certain age, who wish to follow this line with the assertion that ‘Muskehounds are always ready’, there can be little doubt that Dumas’ most famous novel has proven an endlessly fruitful inspiration to successive generations of adapters. There was even a 1928 musical with lyrics by P. G. Wodehouse!

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