Gareth David-Lloyd (‘Twisted Showcase’) interview

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Former Torchwood actor Gareth David-Lloyd guest stars in the first episode of new anthology web series Twisted Showcase, which launches tomorrow.

Described as “a modern day Twilight Zone, Twisted Showcase will launch at on Thursday 1st March, with new episodes following every Thursday. The opening episode, titled Peter & Paul, stars David-Lloyd as a man plagued by a voice on the other end of a phone – which also happens to be his hand.

CultBox caught up with Gareth to find out more…

What attracted you to Twisted Showcase?

“Firstly horror! I love the genre. Secondly the script: a great idea that had been very well crafted.”

What was your first reaction when you heard the concept of your episode?

“Excitement. It was a chance to do something different on screen to anything I’d done before. I play two roles.”

How was the shoot and what were the highlights?

“Done in a day! I really enjoyed doing a comedy version of one of the scenes at the end of the day.”

This is your second web series appearance; is it a medium you’re a fan of and do you think we’ll see the medium expand in the future?

“Very much a fan. I am happy to do them if I like the script. It feels like I’m helping to usher in the future of home entertainment.”

Have you ever considered working behind the camera as a writer or even a director?

“Of course. I’ve got several ideas brewing in me and I feel like I’ve learned enough to soon have a go at screen writing and directing.

“But I need to be confident enough that the stories I want to tell are relevant and that I have the means to tell them properly. I could never write freelance. My attention span is too short to sit down and write other peoples stories for cash.”

If you could pick any TV show to guest star in, which would you choose and what sort of role would you like?

“At the moment Breaking Bad and a hit man. Or Game of Thrones and a hit man (with a broadsword).”

What’s the latest you’ve heard about Warehouse 13’s H.G. Wells spin-off and would you like to be involved?

“Only that there is a spin-off in development, but that it is unclear as to which characters are to be involved. Though I’d love to be involved I have to assume that I’m not, otherwise I’d go crazy waiting for a job that may never materialise.”

If you got stuck in the past, what time period would you want to end up in?

“Difficult. I like where I am but probably any era where I got to use a broadsword.”

Did you see Torchwood: Miracle Day when it was on and what did you think?

“It was great TV, but Torchwood for me will always belong in Cardiff.”

Do you still get people coming up to you to discuss Jack and Ianto’s relationship on Torchwood?

“All the time. It’s wonderful that so many people are still moved by it.”

Would you return as Ianto in a cameo role for Doctor Who’s 50 anniversary if you were asked?

“It would depend on the script, but yes I think so. Ianto is very close to my heart and will always deserve a little resurrection if done properly.”

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