‘The Musketeers’ showrunner reveals his favourite TV shows

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The Musketeers are back on BBC One to face their greatest challenge and the final ten episodes will shake their values to the core.

Season 3 changes the Musketeers’ allegiance to the crown, turns their personal lives upside down and compromises their loyalty to those they love, as well as their loyalty to each other.

Watch the trailer…

Season 3 begins at 9.30pm tonight on BBC One.

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To celebrate the adventure drama’s return, we caught up with co-showrunnner Simon Allen to find out his favourite TV shows…


TV show that reminds you of your childhood:

The Box of Delights – I still watch it during the run up to every Christmas on a weekly basis, just like in 1984! My eight-year-old daughter loves it. At least, I think she does.”


TV show that reminds you of being a teenager:

“Alan Bleasdale’s G.B.H. Felt so urgent and important to me as a 16-year-old and still resonates.”


TV show to cheer you up:

Band of Brothers – it’s reassuring, thrilling and moving.”


TV show to watch before going to sleep:

The Sopranos – any episode really. I can find something to love in all of them!”


“Guilty pleasure” TV show:

Loose Women.”


TV show that you find most addictive:

Peaky Blinders.”


TV show to watch hungover:

Only Fools and Horses – like stepping into television Narnia.”


Axed TV show that you most wish would return:

Our Zoo – I think it should have been on a Sunday evening at 8pm where it would have found a HUGE audience.”


Are you looking forward to Season 3? Let us know below…