Agatha Harkness comics history explained

Agatha Harkness comics history explained after her WandaVision reveal

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Marvel has produced a feature piece explaining the comics history of Agatha Harkness following the big WandaVision reveal

We’re assuming you’re fairly up to date with WandaVision, and know at least some of what happened in the big episode 7 reveal. If you’ve not seen it yet, episode 8 (and we’re ignoring the post-credit spoiler here) gave a lot of backstory for both Wanda and also some for Agatha. If your appetite has been wetted, you might like to pop over to the Marvel website and have a read of their extensive piece explaining Agatha Harkness in some detail. It’s liberally illustrated (see the snippet we’ve borrowed below) with several pages from original comics stretching back as far as Fantastic Four #94 (1961). There’s a lot of story involving the Fantastic Four before she then meets Wanda.

Fantastic Four #94 Agatha Harkness first appears
Fantastic Four #94 Agatha Harkness first appears

The relationship is somewhat different from how we’ve seen it (so far) in WandaVision, which in the MCU (Marvel Comics Universe) doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Wanda herself (as the latest episode reminds us) had difficult origins and was from the point of view of the Avengers a terrorist when first met. The comic recollections also touch on Vision, the children and even Dr Strange.

We’re not expecting Benedict Cumberbatch to pop up in the final episode of season 1 (though anything is possible) though Paul Bettany has hinted of a cameo to come. We shall see.