Firefly Lane

Firefly Lane tops Bridgerton in the latest Nielsen ratings

The Nielsen’s for the week 1-7 February are out and Firefly Lane has taken the top spot from Bridgerton. As ever there’s more to talk about in the details Last week we predicted Bridgerton would soon drop from the #1 position, and this week the data shows they’ve been handsomely beaten by Firefly Lane. The original data is … >

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Agatha Harkness comics history explained

Agatha Harkness comics history explained after her WandaVision reveal

Marvel has produced a feature piece explaining the comics history of Agatha Harkness following the big WandaVision reveal We’re assuming you’re fairly up to date with WandaVision, and know at least some of what happened in the big episode 7 reveal. If you’ve not seen it yet, episode 8 (and we’re ignoring the post-credit spoiler here) gave a … >

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WandaVision earworm Wanda Elizabeth Olsen jpg

WandaVision earworm gets official release following [SPOILER]

[SPOILERS] Following the big new villain reveal in WandaVision episode 7, Marvel releases that WandaVision earworm WandaVision continues to impress and surprise, and last weeks’s Breaking the Fourth Wall gave us big hints about a forthcoming new superhero and a villain who’s been hiding in plain sight. They’ve even got their own, unforgettable song. Warning. SPOILERS follow. Yes, get ready … >

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Bridgerton marches on in number 1 position

Bridgerton marches on as the most watched show w/e 24 Jan

The Nielsen figures for (US) streaming show Bridgerton marches on at the top once more Last time we looked at the Nielsens, the news was WandaVision joining the Mandalorian as Disney+ had two top ten entries. The news is not so good for Disney+ this week, and if you look at the table (below) you’ll see Bridgerton continues to lead the … >

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