Amazon is stopping the public votes on its pilot episodes

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Amazon Studios is moving away from its vote-based pilot production process, which allowed the general public to vote on which pilot episodes they wanted to see developed into full series.

This process, which allowed shows such as The Tick and The Man In The High Castle to come to fruition, was a fun way to make viewers feel involved in the making of new series. But now, Amazon is putting this process out to pasture.

Speaking at a swanky press event in the USA, which EW reported on, Amazon Studios head honcho Jennifer Salke said this:

“I’d never say ‘never’ but that version is not something we’re doing. We’ll use our own testing barometers and some user data but the public voting process has been set aside for now.”

As for the reasons behind this shift, Amazon’s Albert Cheng explained that “it took too long to get shows that customers wanted. You need up taking way too long to get the actual season done.”

Roy Price, the former head of Amazon Studios, was talking about ending the public pilot season as far back as August 2017. At the time, Price explained his reasoning to Deadline thusly: “The reality of the marketplace is it’s competitive and often you just have to go to series, both from a timing point of view and from a competitive point of view… We still have customer feedback, but will probably have fewer pilots for sure.”

And now, just under a year later, we’ve learned that Salke has put an end to the public vote stage of Amazon’s series development process. Hopefully, we won’t see a dip in quality, and this change to Amazon’s workings will mean that Prime members get a more steady stream of shows to watch.

We’ll bring you more Amazon news as we hear it.